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HA Rimmell was born in England and now lives in Queensland. In writing her first novel Spite, she has drawn on her experiences as a lawyer, teacher and parent. When she is not teaching, writing or spending time with her family, she loves running or walking along the beaches near her home, painting, blogging and cooking. She hopes to travel more, work less, and continue to write.

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A wickedly bitchy novel about relationships, regrets, resentment and revenge.

When a woman’s body is found at the base of the popular Mount Beaumont running track in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Balmoral, Detective Phil Barrett is called in to lead the investigation. The events leading to the woman’s death are set in motion two months earlier when lawyer Amanda Dobson completes her annual performance review. By the day’s close, Amanda has lost her job and her boyfriend and she blames staff partner Jack Gibbs for her predicament. Bitter and intent on revenge, Amanda chooses social media as her weapon of choice in her bid to get even…


Whilst it’s my very first published book, I am very thankful for the positive feedback and encouragement which has led me to write my second book.

I look forward to sharing my next novel with you all and hearing your thoughts on it. 

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Spite is a story that isn’t quite what it seems. An incredible read that follows a subtle murder among a group of high society, Sydney mothers. With a snippet of envy revenge and fury, Spite brought a clever twist I didn’t see coming.


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